Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Training Hard and Harder

Over the past week I have been introduced to what hard training really is. I always thought I knew what it was about, I was sure I was training as hard as possible.....there is another level... Jen and I are putting in 5-6hrs a day everyday except Sundays, running, kayaking, kayaking again and weights. I was positive we were going to fall over after last week and not get up. Come Monday we rallied and put in 22km in the morning, 4x2km in the afternoon followed by a 1200 rep weight work out 6 exercises 10 sets 20 reps!!!! Right now I am almost as mentally destroyed as I am physically, yet this is what I love doing and I want to be the best so here I am getting up for one more day or hell!
Jen and I leave for europe on the 14th first to the Czech then to Germany, I want to make sure I am in the best possible mental and physical condition I can be in before we go!

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