Sunday, May 29, 2011

World Cup 2, 3

You learn a lot about yourself on and off the water when you spend a few weeks racing against the best in the world. It was a great experience with a lot of highs and lows both parts will make Jen and I a better racing duo in the future. We started the world cup tour with a bang and ended it with a few tough days and a determination to go back to OKC and train even harder. Expanding upon our strengths and getting rid of our weaknesses turning them into strengths.
Medaling with Jen in the first race of our first world cup racing together and my first world cup in was amazing, we have been working very hard and we had a great result to show ourselves and others our progress. A medal shouldn't be the only thing to validate you but it sure as hell helped.
Well the cafe i am in in germany is closing so I will continue the story from over seas another time!

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