Sunday, April 24, 2011

National Team Trials 2011

Update from San Diego,
The racing was fast and furious in a massive cross wind but OKCHPT managed to pull through with 3 athletes named to the U23 team 1 athlete to the under16 squad and Jen and myself to the senior national team! I had a rough 500m but made it down the course with out flipping which was significantly better then last year, that afternoon Jen and I teamed up for the K2 500m and smoked the competition coming in a close second to Carrie Johnson and Maggie Hogan! I was very pleased with my 200m performance my time was slow for me but I pulled out to a close 3rd place best ever showing in a 200m and I beat out girls who I have never beaten before !
Jen and I are really excited to head to europe for the world cups. Now that this first race is under my belt my nerves have calmed down significantly, I am learning that I need to work on my calm factor prior to races so I am not so hyped up on adrenaline for so long because to much adrenaline is detrimental to racing well!

I will be make more frequent post and add pictures now that we are heading to europe!

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