Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to the Blog

Finally, I've kicked my back side in to gear, fired up the "little gray cells" and have my fingers flexed ready to type out my next blog entry..... ?.....
Mmmmm maybe I should start at the beginning of this week. The final count down to team trials has started as we began the first week of our last micro cycle before the event. My nerves and others are running high because we will not receive team boat assignments until after the K1 500m race. Meaning I have know idea whether I will even get to race in a team boat which is my best shot for racing world cups!
However todays practice felt significantly better then the one yesterday so I am feeling a bit better about everything :)
With this week being a rest week its important to have lots of sleep and not let your focus slip on any of the workouts even short works when done right can have a strong impact on race performance, if your just doing a throw away work out its better just not to do it!

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