Thursday, July 23, 2009

Team Boat Therapy

Team boat therapy...... the interpersonal dynamic in the boat hit the tipping point we needed professional help. As a team we decided to see if the Olympic Training Center sports psychologist could straighten us out.
Today at 1pm we arrived at our therapy session, 50min later we walked out a very different group of girls, ready to communicate and work hard with each other. One of the many ideas we got from the therapy was to do dry land synchronization drills so that we could be more in tune with each other.
We agreed to meet 40min before our 5pm K4 practice, at 4.20pm we arrived at the boat house with a mission, we sat in a line in front of the wall length mirrors and practiced stroking, counting each stroke and discussing what needed to be changed etc... We then sat around and went through our warm up plan for the day and who was going to call the drills and transitions through out the practice.
The start of the practice was a bit shaky but we turn it 180degrees around during our last 2 sets and turning it into the best practice by far we have had as a team!

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