Saturday, February 5, 2011


OKC is about to enter its second week covered in snow and ice. Lets just say that it is rather inconvenient to train when the river has several inches of ice on it. The craziest things is that it was 70 degrees last weekend and we were out on the river paddling in T-shirts, then the very next day this! Everything in OKC has been shut down and I think we are still in a state of emergency, for us northerners we laugh at what people think is the end of the world out here. But the truth is that for the same weather its 10 x worse in OKC because the state doesn't have the equipment to clear the roads and to top it off no one knows how to drive, plus the buildings aren't insulated correctly so the pipes keep bursting!
Enough grousing training is going well I pulled a 1:51 on the erg today for 500m a little slow but faster then last year. The 200m that I pulled after was awful but i had bad technique because I was just focusing on going fast instead of the mechanics which is what you really need to do.
Next weekend is the Indoor Competition which should be fun!
Work and training are consuming my life but thats OK sorta the norm for me I guess but I am starting to enjoy my new job and I think its a great opportunity for me in the long term as well.

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