Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finshed Testing

Testing week is finally over and I am exhausted, I feel like I shouldn't be because we really didn't do a whole lot of volume but I am still dead. It could be residual exhaustion from our month of crazy training we just finished. The endurance weights and max pull ups went well I improved on all of them which was heartening, I also improved on my running despite bad stomach cramps during the test. Note do not eat a snickers bar within 30min of strenuous exercise! We finished off the week with a 90min K2 steady state paddle, it felt good we had the right ration of speed:technical focus. People often think that technical focus means going really slow, it doesn't the boat speed and power need to be up so that your technique is correct, you cant go all out but the power application needs to be in the correct spot, the only difference is that you have a longer recovery phase between each stroke so you can keep it up.
On another note I have discovered a new cafe, Red Cup! I have decided I am moving in lol, it reminds me of Northampton and so many college cafes I have frequented in the past!

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